Empowering Fintech with In-Memory Computing

Empowering Fintech with In-Memory Computing


Banks and financial institutions want and need it all: speed, high availability, security, scalability, and flexibility. FinTech developers have many of the answers for this competitive market, not just for the banks but also for themselves as they seek out their own consumers for new kinds of banking, investment, and insurance services.

The common denominator is in-memory computing, the technology platform that can handle the unprecedented amount of data now available for analysis and process the billions of transactions that these institutions need to manage in real-time. Moving money around the world has always been challenging, but FinTech is finally making it easier with the assistance of GridGain’s in-memory computing platform.

This white paper will give you a better understanding of how in-memory computing forms the backbone of successful high performance, highly scalable and mission-critical technology solutions in the FinTech industry. You will also learn how in-memory computing helps address many current limitations of legacy financial systems.