Managing and Monitoring Apache Ignite and GridGain


Once your Apache® Ignite™ or GridGain® cluster goes in production, you will need to keep an eye on its state. You will also have to manage your deployment throughout its lifetime. These tasks might seem challenging, but managing and monitoring distributed systems is not cumbersome if you have a right toolkit.

In 1-hour webinar, Andrey Evsukov, Head of Operations at GridGain Systems, will:

  • Share tips and tricks to manage and monitor Apache Ignite and GridGain
  • Show how to benefit from JMX metrics available in every Ignite and GridGain component
  • Demonstrate how to use the Web Console, an interactive management tool and configuration wizard for Apache Ignite and GridGain
  • Share 3rd-party tools that also address management and monitoring needs
Andrey Evsukov
Andrey Evsukov
Head of Operations
Rob Meyer is VP of Outbound Product Management
Rob Meyer
VP of Outbound Product Management