An Interactive Management Tool and Configuration Wizard for Apache Ignite and GridGain

The GridGain Web Console is an interactive management tool which includes a configuration wizard for Apache® Ignite™ and the GridGain® in-memory computing platform. The tool lets you create and download cluster configuration files for your environment. The configuration files are created using a multi-step wizard which helps you specify all of the important configuration parameters for your infrastructure. You can also automatically import the database schema from any RDBMS to speed the configuration process.

The GridGain Web Console for Apache Ignite and the GridGain in-memory computing platform also provides management capabilities. You can connect to your cluster and run SQL queries as well as view execution plans, in-memory schema and streaming charts.

Try the GridGain and Apache Ignite Configuration Wizard now.


To watch a demonstration of how this tool can enable the automatic integration of GridGain or Apache Ignite and your RDBMS, view this webinar on-demand and we'll show you how how easy it is to:

  • Import a RDBMS schema and map it to the Apache Ignite caches
  • Setup indexes
  • Create a Java POJO
  • Download a ready-to-run Apache Ignite based project that will be fully integrated with the RDBMS