Accelerate MySQL for Demanding OLAP and OLTP Use Cases with Apache Ignite


This white paper discusses how incorporating Apache Ignite into your architecture can empower dramatically faster online analytics processing (OLAP) and online transaction processing (OLTP) when augmenting your current MySQL infrastructure.

Databases such as MySQL have always been hard to scale but today’s demands for real-time processing of large OLAP and OLTP data volumes require solutions to that challenge. While MySQL is an excellent solution for many applications, it is not designed for fast parallel processing and endless expansion.

Many MySQL users have leveraged additional open source and commercial solutions to enhance MySQL’s capabilities and add in-memory computing functionality, but these point solutions lack the full-functionality of an in-memory computing platform like Apache Ignite. Apache Ignite can provide massive gains in speed and scalability. Adding an in-memory computing layer provides users with the best of both worlds: the opportunity to maintain their current databases and application code with minimal or no changes while gaining vastly improved performance and scalability.

Read this white paper to learn more about how Apache Ignite can eliminate the pain points of MySQL.