Support for GridGain on Microsoft Azure

Free Support for GridGain on Microsoft Azure

GridGain Systems offers 14 days of free GridGain Standard Enterprise Support to new organizations that deploy the GridGain Enterprise Edition on Microsoft Azure through the Azure Marketplace. This offer is limited to one 14 day period of free support per organization. Our standard annual support subscriptions are available at any time. Just complete the form to register for your 14 days of complementary support services.

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We offer a deep library of white papers, webinars, videos and more to help you learn about the capabilities and features of the GridGain in-memory computing platform. Some resources you may find especially relevant include:

GridGain Support Options

GridGain Support for the GridGain Enterprise and Ultimate Editions include:

  • Timely access to our professional support staff
  • Ongoing product maintenance releases
  • An annual subscription to the GridGain Enterprise or Ultimate Edition

GridGain Support is also available for the GridGain Community Edition and Apache Ignite.

Register for Free Support on Azure Now. Only Available for New Deployments Through the Azure Marketplace.

The GridGain Enterprise Edition is our full featured solution for mission-critical deployments where GridGain is being deployed as an in-memory data grid. The Enterprise Edition includes features not found in Apache Ignite® which make it easier for you to deploy, monitor, manage, and secure mission critical production environments.

Support based on the GridGain Community Edition is for companies developing applications on Apache Ignite that want to ensure optimal performance of their deployment by upgrading to a hardened, secure, tested open source in-memory data grid built on Apache Ignite when they move their deployment into production. The GridGain Community Edition includes all the features of Apache Ignite plus additional functionality, tuning and patches developed by GridGain to deliver optimal performance. The Community Edition allows GridGain to issue patches as soon as they are available, typically before they are available in Apache Ignite.

The GridGain Ultimate Edition is for companies deploying GridGain as an in-memory database using the Transactional Persistence feature in production environments. The Ultimate Edition includes all of the Enterprise Edition features plus backup and recovery features for the Persistent Store which provide the data security capabilities recommended to deploy the Persistent Store in mission-critical environments.

Our support options include:

Solution Unsupported Basic Support Standard Support Premium Support
Software Apache Ignite Apache Ignite or GridGain Community Edition GridGain Community or Enterprise Edition GridGain Enterprise or Ultimate Edition
Troubleshooting Performance or Reliability Issues  
Identifying Bugs and Product Limitations & Workarounds  
Support Hours   9x5 24x7 24x7
Initial Response Time   4 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Unlimited Support Incidents  
Named Technical Contacts   2 3 4
Initial Support Consultation   2 hours    
Maintenance Releases    
Hot Bug Fixes    
Enhanced Features (Enterprise & Ultimate Edition)    
Custom Contracts    
Login to Your Environment    
Support Channels   Web/Email Web/Email/Phone Web/Email/Phone
Price* Free $2,500 Contact Us for a Quote

* Pricing is based on a standard CPU/RAM configuration - contact us for details

For further information, visit the GridGain Pricing page or contact GridGain now.