GridGain and Apache Ignite In-Memory Computing Videos

Learn about GridGain® and Apache® Ignite by watching this library of in-memory computing videos captured during speaking engagements at conferences, Meetups, and webinars.

Valentin Kulichenko, lead architect at GridGain Systems, spoke June 26 at the In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2018 in London. His talk at the In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2018, June 25-26 in London, was titled: "Want Extreme Performance at Scale? Do Distributed the RIGHT Way!" It is well-known that distributed systems rely on horizontal scalability.
Terry Erisman, VP of Marketing at GridGain, moderates a panel of industry experts (including end users and vendors) from ING, FSB Technology, CG Consultancy, GridGain Systems and Scaleout Software will discuss the impact of in-memory computing on the digital enterprise. The panel discussion was recorded June 26 in London at the In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2018.
Abe Kleinfeld discuss the growing role that an In-Memory Computing Platform serves as companies progress toward a digital world. All companies, regardless of the industry they serve, are rapidly becoming software companies in their own right, creating a real-time digital twin that virtually models their physical world.
Presented by Dmitriy Setrakyan of GridGain at the Bay Area Hadoop Meetup in Sunnyvale, CA on August 17, 2016.
Bay Area Hadoop Meetup - Better Together: Fast Data with Apache Spark™ and Apache Ignite™
This presentation provides a deep dive into .NET features of the top level Apache projects: Apache Ignite. Apache Ignite is the in-memory data fabric that combines in-memory cluster & computing, in-memory data grid and in-memory streaming under one umbrella of a fabric.
Apache Ignite In-Memory Data Fabric for .NET
This talk was presented at the "SQL NYC, the NoSQL and NewSQL Database Meetup." It provides a deep dive into Apache Ignite, a top-level Apache project.
How to Use Apache Ignite, In-Memory Data Fabric
Speaker: Nikita Ivanov, Founder and CTO GridGain Systems In this talk I'll present the SharedRDD - a high-performance in-memory caching layer for Spark jobs. We'll work through 1) design & architecture of this component, 2) configuration and 3) actual Java and Scala usage examples.
Shared In-Memory RDDs - Missing Link in Spark
Speakers: Dmitriy Setrakyan, Founder and Chief Product Officer, GridGain and Mikhail Khasin, Senior Managing Director & Head of Core banking Transformation Program, Sberbank
Case Study - GridGain for Sberbank Architecture in Financial Services
GridGain CTO Nikita Ivanov gives a brief introduction to the GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric at the O'Reilly Strata+Hadoop World conference. He provides a brief history of the development of the product along with a high-level description of how the In-Memory Data Fabric accelerates and scales applications across distributed systems regardless of data sources or…
Introduction to the In-Memory Data Fabric
In this live presentation at a Meetup in London Christos Erotocritou, Solutions Architect at GridGain provides an introduction to Apache Ignite™ to Java developers. During this session you’ll learn about the Apache Ignite project and how it is used to solve some of the most demanding scalability and performance challenges.
Introducing Apache® Ignite™
Nikita Ivanov, GridGain co-founder and CTO, provides insight on choosing the best in-memory solution for your apps in a recent Meetup in the Bay Area. He discusses different types of in-memory systems, including RDBMS in-memory options, in-memory databases, data grids and data fabrics, while taking several questions from the audience.
Choosing the Right In-Memory Solution
Dr. Konstantin Boudnik, co-founder and CEO of Memcore (, will start with a brief overview of Apache Ignite and Apache Bigtop projects for those who are new to them. He will then conduct a live demo of complex analytic with new Memcore cloud platform, utilizing Apache Ignite in-memory accelerator.
In this live presentation at a Bay Area Meetup Dmitriy Setrakyan, Co-founder and EVP of Engineering at GridGain and Chairman of the Apache Ignite™ PMC talks about the advanced SQL capabilities of Apache Ignite, including support for distributed joins, custom SQL functions, and others.
Apache Ignite – In-Memory Data Fabric
The In-Memory Computing Summit 2015 is the first and only industry-wide event of its kind, tailored to in-memory computing related technologies and solutions. Check out the highlights from last year’s event.
In-Memory Computing Summit 2015 Highlights