Distributed MySQL Using the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform

1,000x Faster MySQL with In-Memory Computing

The GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric is deployed as a cluster of commodity servers between your MySQL databases and your application layer. GridGain integrates seamlessly with your MySQL database and, through the GridGain Unified API, with your application. Your data is uploaded from your MySQL database into the memory in your GridGain cluster where processing is 1,000x faster than from disk. You can scale the capacity of your GridGain in-memory data set by adding nodes to your GridGain cluster.

GridGain is ANSI SQL-99 compliant and provides ACID transaction guarantees. Writes from your application layer are made to the data in your GridGain cluster and then written to your MySQL database. You can therefore benefit from the speed and scalability of in-memory computing while retaining MySQL as your underlying database.

GridGain is built on the open source Apache Ignite project. The GridGain Professional Edition is a supported, production-ready version of Apache Ignite. The GridGain Enterprise Edition is a supported version of Apache Ignite which includes all of the Ignite features plus enterprise-grade features for enhanced management, monitoring, and security.