Create a Distributed MySQL Database to Improve Application Speed and Scalability

The GridGain® in-memory computing platform can significantly improve the performance and scalability of applications built on distributed MySQL. GridGain is deployed as a cluster of commodity servers between your MySQL database and application layer. GridGain integrates seamlessly with your MySQL database and, through the GridGain Unified API, with your application using ANSI-99 SQL, including DDL and DML, through the ODBC/JDBC API.


In-Memory MySQL

Your data is uploaded from the MySQL database into RAM in your GridGain cluster. By holding data in memory and distributing the compute load across the cluster via the GridGain In-Memory Compute Grid, your application performance is improved up to 1,000x leveraging GridGain as an in-memory MySQL solution. You can scale the capacity of your GridGain in-memory computing cluster by adding nodes to the cluster where the automatic rebalancing feature will redistribute data to the new node for optimal performance and high availability. This allows you to effectively create an in-memory MySQL data store and scale out your MySQL database without manual sharding of your database.

GridGain is ANSI SQL-99 compliant and offers ACID compliant transactions. Writes from your application layer are made to the data in the GridGain cluster and then written to the MySQL database. You can therefore benefit from the in-memory speed and massive scalability of in-memory computing while retaining MySQL as your underlying database.

GridGain is built on the open source Apache® Ignite project. The GridGain Community Edition, built on Apache Ignite, includes patches and updates not yet released in Ignite with additional features and QA testing to provide the highest possible performance, reliability and managability possible in an open source in-memory computing platform. The GridGain Enterprise Edition is a supported version of Apache Ignite which includes all of the Ignite features plus enterprise-grade features for enhanced management, monitoring, and security. The GridGain Ultimate Edition includes backup and recovery features which are highly valuable when deploying GridGain as an in-memory database using the Persistent Store feature in production.

Learn more about using the GridGain in-memory computing platform with MySQL by watching our joint webinar presented by Nikita Ivanov of GridGain Systems and Peter Zaitsev of Percona entitled "Accelerate MySQL® for Demanding OLAP and OLTP Use Cases with Apache® Ignite". You can also read the "Accelerate MySQL® for Demanding OLAP and OLTP Use Cases with Apache® Ignite" white paper.