GridGain Customer Case Studies

GridGain Solutions are Used Daily by Hundreds of Organizations

Download case studies which describe how leading organizations use GridGain® technology to solve their in-memory computing needs in industries including financial services, ecommerce, online business services, retail, telecommunications and healthcare.

For FSB Technology to support live betting during sporting events, their betting platform must be real-time and highly performant. Huge amounts of event data must be constantly updated, and this data must be immediately available to a vast number of clients. FSB deployed GridGain to speed up its Postgres database and scale out their cluster by adding nodes in the Rackspace public cloud during especially busy weekends with major sporting events.
As a large financial technology company, Misys solutions must manage huge amounts of trade and accounting data. To meet evolving customer demands for real-time services and satisfy evolving compliance and reporting regulations in Europe, Misys opted to implement a new Java-based IT stack that will support the use of data lakes instead of traditional databases.
e-Therapeutics Runs Hundreds of Thousands of Computational Analyses in Minutes to Find Treatments for Biocomplex Diseases
Cyber Dust Leverages GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric for Reliable Real-Time Delivery of Disappearing Text Messages Mark Cuban Funded Startup Chose GridGain as the Only Solution to Meet Availability and Scalability Requirements
Banking on HPC and Fast Data with GridGain
Experticity Chooses GridGain Solution for Real-Time Customer Analytics GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric Selected after Meeting Stringent Performance and Scalability Requirements
Global SaaS TMS Provider MercuryGate Chooses GridGain to Improve Business for Clients by Reducing System Wait Times GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric Meets Unique Needs of SaaS Vendors and Provides Opportunities for New Revenue Streams
Intelligentpipe Leverages GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric for Real-Time Analytics Big Data Software Company Leverages GridGain for Terabytes of Mobile User Traffic Data With offices in Finland and Singapore, Intelligentpipe is a big data software company serving the global telecommunications industry by developing solutions for mobile operators to improve their business and operational processes. THE CHALLENGE: TERABYTES OF DATA STREAMING IN REAL-TIME
ChronoTrack Chooses GridGain for Real-Time Race Updates and Reduces Lag Time Significantly GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric Meets Performance, Reliability and Availability Requirements for Race Timing Solution Provider