Hadoop Compatibility to Accelerate Hadoop and Apache Spark

The GridGain® in-memory computing platform, built on Apache® Ignite, works seamlessly with Hadoop. The GridGain Accelerator for Hadoop can reduce MapReduce and HIVE jobs by 10x in ten minutes.

If you are using Apache Spark with Hadoop, GridGain is a powerful complement to Spark. When used with GridGain, Spark queries can run much faster because GridGain indexes the Spark RDDs so Spark queries do not require a full scan of the data. GridGain also makes the Spark RDDs mutable so you can share state between Spark applications and jobs.

In addition, GridGain is a certified member of the Hortonworks Partnerworks ISV/IHV program. This means that all GridGain in-memory computing products are guaranteed to work with the Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms.

Works with RDBMS, NoSQL and Hadoop