Oracle GoldenGate for Real-time Data Integration and Replication

The GridGain® Enterprise and Ultimate Editions include an integration with Oracle® GoldenGate. The Oracle GoldenGate integration provides real-time data integration and replication into GridGain from different environments. When you configure GoldenGate integration replication, the GridGain in-memory computing platform will automatically receive updates from your source database, converting the data from a database relational model to cache objects.

Prevents Downtime

Using Oracle GoldenGate with GridGain allows for data transfer between different data sources (see Supported Technologies) in distinct topologies, possibly located in different geographic locations. GoldenGate integration also enables high availability and disaster tolerance with core functionality that supports real-time data integration, while preserving performance and ensuring scalability.

The GridGain Handler for GoldenGate Replication provides an API to transform data from your source database to cache objects. The API also provides access to the full GridGain API: cache API, data streaming, compute operations, etc.

Oracle GoldenGate Integration Replication Features


Updates from the source database can be performed in different modes. If the replication is done in transactional mode, updates are first accumulated by the transaction and then populated to the cache in batches.


GridGain handle supports failover. If the Oracle GoldenGate handle fails during processing, or replication stops for any reason, GridGain handle restarts processing from the last successfully processed transaction.

Conflict Resolution

In active-active scenarios, an update to a key in the cache occurring from multiple sources is called a conflict. When the cache is updated via GoldenGate and the GridGain cache API, users can choose to proceed with the update, retain the old value, or generate some other value by merging old and new values. GridGain offers Conflicts Resolution to resolve this type of issue. GridGain users can plug their own implementation of a conflict resolver to ensure a consistent conflict resolution across different data centers.