GridGain® Systems offers highly responsive, reliable managed services – known as GridGain Nebula – for the Apache Ignite® and GridGain in-memory computing platforms at a fraction of the cost of staffing an internal team. We can manage your environment 24x7, whether on-premises, on a private or public cloud, or on a hybrid environment

Our Managed Services Offering (MSO) team offloads the management of your environment, allowing your team to focus on building high performance, highly scalable digital solutions. The highly experienced GridGain Nebula team takes over the management, monitoring, and maintenance of your environment with SLAs that meet the needs of your business. Best-in-class automation and proven system management practices ensure the availability, scalability, and compliance to data security and privacy standards that your organization requires.

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GridGain MSO for Apache Ignite or GridGain

GridGain MSO for Apache Ignite or GridGain supports deployments on-premises as well as on leading cloud providers including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Your environment can be scaled out on-demand. Our GridGain Control Center management tool provides real-time insights into the performance of your environment, when integrated into our extensive MSO suite of tooling. For GridGain Enterprise and Ultimate Edition users, we can support deployments spanning multiple cloud regions and deploy the advanced security features available in those GridGain editions. We configure your environment for maximum reliability to support mission-critical workloads with high availability and distributed fault tolerance

While managing your GridGain or Ignite environment, the GridGain MSO team will:

  • Install a best practices configuration of GridGain or Ignite
  • Install management and monitoring tools including GridGain Control Center
  • Configure alerts for key metrics
  • Provide 24x7 monitoring and respond to and resolve all alerts
  • Configure security monitoring and management
  • Deploy GridGain or Ignite software upgrades and patches
  • Allocate infrastructure expansions and deploy new cluster nodes
  • Provide cluster support during your application code changes and updates
  • Take snapshots for backup and recovery for GridGain Ultimate Edition users
  • Consult with your development teams on best practices for creation of new capabilities
  • Assist your team in planning for future growth of your environment

Our Managed Services Approach

Engaging with the GridGain Nebula team is straightforward. During the first phase of the GridGain Managed Services Offering for Apache Ignite or GridGain, we can provide a complimentary checklist your team will complete to scope out the basic parameters of your deployment. During the second phase, you can engage our Professional Services team to work side-by-side with your team to conduct an in-depth review of your current environment to fully understand your architecture and system requirements. In the third phase, our Nebula MSO team will make any required upgrades to your software or infrastructure. Our team will install our monitoring and management tools and infrastructure, and put in place our proven processes for long-term system management and stability. Once your environment meets our standards for optimal performance and all required tools are in place, our MSO team will take over the management of your environment. From that point forward, your team will work with our MSO team to deploy new code, schedule system upgrades, plan for future system growth, and explore further options for improving system performance.

Features Standard Platform Standard Platform With Backups Replicated Platform With Backups
Supported Versions Any GridGain Edition or Apache Ignite GridGain Ultimate Edition GridGain Ultimate Edition
Security Infrastructure security Enhanced security & RBAC Enhanced security & RBAC
Data Backups No data backups Data Snapshots backup Data Snapshots backup
Configuration     Active/Standby configuration
SLA/Uptime Guarantee Response time guaranteed 99.9% uptime 99.99% uptime
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