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External Streaming Extensions

The following streaming extension modules can be used with GridGain:

  • Camel Streamer

  • Flink Streamer

  • Flume Sink

  • JMS Streamer

  • Kafka Streamer

  • MQTT Streamer

  • RocketMQ Streamer

  • Storm Streamer

  • ZeroMQ Streamer

  • Twitter Streamer

The main purpose of streaming extension modules is the ability to push data to or pull data from the corresponding data sources.

These modules are not part of the GridGain release but available as open-source code in Apache Ignite Extensions repository.

Binaries are available in Maven Repository. For example, the following snippet should be added to pom.xml file in order to add the Kafka Streamer to a project:


Binaries must be available to a GridGain node at runtime. It could be achieved by copying the corresponding jar-files to the libs folder of the GridGain distribution directory.