GridGain Control Center for On-Premises Use Lets Companies Manage, Monitor and Develop Applications on GridGain and Apache Ignite Inside Their Network

Includes All the Features of the Online GridGain Control Center but Runs Behind the Firewall for Operations, DevOps and Development Users

FOSTER CITY, Calif. – July 16, 2020 – GridGain Systems, provider of enterprise-grade in-memory computing solutions based on Apache® Ignite®, today announced the release of GridGain Control Center for on-premises use, a downloadable version of the hosted GridGain Control Center. With the on-premises GridGain Control Center, Operations, DevOps or development users can manage, monitor and develop applications built on GridGain and Apache Ignite environments within their network. It allows users to simultaneously manage multiple GridGain or Ignite applications through a single interface to monitor application health and detect problems early. A free trial version is available for managing two nodes, perfect for DevOps or development users who want to use the GridGain Control Center locally within their corporate firewall while developing applications that leverage the GridGain or Ignite platforms. For operations professionals, the downloadable version is a convenient option for evaluating the on-premises version of GridGain Control Center. A commercial on-premises Control Center license is available for managing clusters with more than two nodes. The free trial download is available on the GridGain Downloads page.

“GridGain Control Center makes it easy to ensure optimal performance of GridGain or Ignite in-memory computing clusters. Our on-premises version provides flexibility for situations where connecting to systems outside the corporate network isn’t possible or creates security concerns,” said Nikita Ivanov, Founder and CTO of GridGain Systems. “The downloadable version of GridGain Control Center is an excellent way for operations and DevOps staff to evaluate the solution for managing large clusters, and the free, two-node trial version is a powerful tool for developers building new applications on GridGain or Apache Ignite.”

GridGain and Apache Ignite in-memory computing platforms enable companies to scale out and dramatically accelerate applications, both existing and new, and support use cases such as a digital integration hub for real-time data access across multiple data sources and applications and hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) for high-speed transactional and analytical processing on the same in-memory dataset. GridGain Control Center is a comprehensive tool that makes it easy for operations, DevOps and development users to monitor cluster performance, develop new capabilities, debug issues and ensure cluster reliability.

Like the hosted version, the on-premises GridGain Control Center includes:

  • A customizable, intuitive dashboard with a drag-and-drop interface, which allows users to monitor and visualize any of 200+ OpenCensus-based metrics
  • User-definable production alerts, which can be easily configured to enable quick identification and resolution of production issues
  • Query development tools, including a comprehensive SQL editor that provides code completion, validation and syntax highlighting during query development and execution and the ability to monitor and analyze query execution statistics in real-time
  • Active tracing and root cause analysis, which visualizes API calls as they execute across the nodes in the cluster to improve understanding of GridGain and Ignite processes and quickly identify and analyze stability and performance issues
  • Disaster recovery and backup management for Transactional Persistence users
  • Monitoring of rolling upgrades for GridGain Enterprise and Ultimate Edition users

Additional Resources

To get started using the on-premises GridGain Control Center, visit the GridGain Downloads page. Simply register for free to begin using the hosted GridGain Control Center.

To learn more about the GridGain in-memory computing platform:  

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GridGain Systems is revolutionizing real-time data access and processing by offering an in-memory computing platform built on Apache® Ignite®. Common use cases for the GridGain platform include application acceleration and as a digital integration hub for real-time data access across data sources and applications. GridGain solutions are used by global enterprises in financial services, software, e-commerce, retail, online business services, healthcare, telecom, transportation and other major sectors, with a client list that includes ING, Raymond James, American Express, Société Générale, Finastra, UPS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, RingCentral, American Airlines, Agilent, and UnitedHealthcare. GridGain delivers unprecedented speed and massive scalability to both legacy and greenfield applications. Deployed on a distributed cluster of commodity servers, GridGain software can reside between the application and data layers (RDBMS, NoSQL and Apache® Hadoop®), requiring no rip-and-replace of the existing databases, or it can be deployed as an in-memory database. For more information, visit



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