GridGain Control Center is a comprehensive cluster management and developer tool for GridGain® and Apache Ignite®. It is available as a free hosted GridGain Control Center SaaS solution or as a paid on-premises tool. A free, 2-node version of the on-premises GridGain Control Center is available for development use and for evaluation by DevOps and operations professionals considering the on-premises version for production environments. Control Center supports GridGain 8.7.18+ and Apache Ignite 2.8.1+ (requires installation of the Control Center Agent).


Customizable, Intuitive Dashboard

Control Center features a flexible, user-configurable dashboard. The dashboard provides a visual view of the cluster status and tools for managing cluster behavior. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to monitor any of 200+ OpenCensus-based metrics. Multiple data visualization options like charts, graphs, and heat maps make it easy to understand the current status of your clusters.

GridGain Control Center metrics dashboard screenshot
GridGain Control Center Alerts screenshot

User-Defined Production Alerts

Easily configured production alerts enable you to quickly identify and resolve production issues. Custom alerts can be created for any tracked metric by setting the conditions and threshold. Alerts have multiple notification options available including SMS, email, and within Control Center.

Query Development Tools

Control Center helps developers accelerate query development. A comprehensive SQL editor provides code completion, validation, and syntax highlighting during query development and execution. You can browse the database tree to understand schema and table relationships. You can also monitor running queries and analyze query execution statistics to fine tune query development and maximize performance. All clusters, caches and schemas can be displayed in real-time to speed query development and optimization.

GridGain Control Center SQL Queries screenshot
GridGain Control Center Tracing screenshot

Active Tracing and Root Cause Analysis

Control Center provides active tracing based on the OpenCensus standard which visualizes API calls as they execute across the nodes of the cluster. Tracing improves understanding of GridGain and Ignite processes and accelerates root cause analysis when a problem occurs. Control Center provides insights into stack traces, execution timings, thread details, logs and more.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Management

Control Center allows you to define and manage full, incremental, and continuous snapshots for cluster backup and recovery when used with the GridGain Ultimate Edition. You can validate the integrity of your backups and check the current status of backup operations. If you experience data loss, you can restore cluster environments to a previous point in time with a few clicks.

GridGain Control Center Backup Snapshots screenshot
GridGain Control Center Rolling Upgrades screenshot

Monitor Rolling Upgrades and Cluster Rebalancing

Control Center enables you to view the status of cluster upgrades when using the Rolling Upgrades feature in GridGain Enterprise or Ultimate Edition. It also provides a view of the status of data rebalancing when new nodes are added to your cluster. Problematic nodes are easily identified and isolated.

Simple Configuration of Apache Ignite Clusters in Control Center

You can easily setup the Control Center monitoring agent and securely monitor multiple GridGain and Ignite clusters simultaneously and across multiple versions. The Control Center agent is available for free on the GridGain Downloads page. Configuration instructions for deploying the agent and connecting to your cluster are available in the tool.