Webinars on In-Memory Computing

GridGain® webinars present information on a variety of in-memory computing topics, and are often co-hosted with other in-memory computing customers or thought leaders. Topics include in-depth analyses and recommendations for common issues faced by in-memory computing developers, enterprise architects, CIO/CTOs, and other enterprise decision-makers. Different approaches for implementing solutions are reviewed, including solutions using the GridGain in-memory computing platform and Apache® Ignite. The webinars cover enterprise use cases such as high-frequency trading, omnichannel customer engagement, the Internet of Things (IoT), financial services, application performance and scaling, fast data, and more.

All GridGain webinars are archived and available for free online.

On Demand Webinar
Nikita Ivanov & Mike Matchett
Mike Matchett, Senior Analyst at the Taneja Group provides an informative webinar titled “Make the Elephant Fly. How to make Hadoop 10x faster in 10 minutes”.
On Demand Webinar
Nikita Ivanov
This on-demand webcast featuring GridGain Systems CTO Nikita Ivanov addresses the increasing importance of in-memory computing technology to companies like yours for which speed = profit and latency = loss.