How to Migrate Your Data Schema to Apache Ignite

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If you experience limitations with the size, scale or performance of your relational database, it may be time to migrate to a distributed system. This webinar discussed how the distributed Apache Ignite platform can function as a database, providing both SQL and JCache APIs to work with your data. In this webinar, we will consider real-world examples and discuss pros and cons of each approach, especially:

  • Ignite SQL capabilities
  • How SQL interacts with the Java API (loading via the JCache API through SQL and vice versa)
  • Consistency guarantees achievable via Ignite SQL and the JCache API
  • Complications of distributed SQL and how affinity co-location can minimize complications
Ivan Rakov, GridGain
Ivan Rakov
Team Lead in R&D, GridGain

Apache Ignite Committer and GridGain Lead Architect

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