Architects' Guide for Apache Ignite ACID Transactions and Consistency

Apache Ignite can function in a strong consistency mode which keeps application records in sync across all primary and backup replicas. It also supports distributed ACID transactions that allow you to update multiple entries stored on different cluster nodes and in various caches/tables. In addition, consistency and transactional guarantees are put in effect for memory and disk tiers on every cluster node.

Our presenter, Ivan Rakov, is an Apache Ignite Committer and GridGain Lead Architect and helps develop the Ignite transactional feature. He will explain the architectural specifics and answer frequently asked questions related to ACID transactions and consistency, including:

  • Data replication: partitioned / replicated caches, backup factor, partition rebalancing
  • Atomicity levels and data synchronization modes: atomic vs. transactional caches, primary and full sync updates
  • In-memory and persistent caches: data storage configuration, baseline topology
  • Disk-based consistency: Ignite native persistence consistency guarantees, write-ahead logs, recovery on restarts

By the end of this webinar, you will have a deeper understanding of Ignite support for ACID transactions and data consistency.

Ivan Rakov
Apache Ignite Committer and Team Lead at GridGain R&D