Adding speed and scale to SQL without replacing your RDBMS

Adding speed and scale to SQL without replacing your RDBMSLast week my colleague Valentin Kulichenko, lead architect at GridGain Systems recorded a webinar explaining how companies have been using Apache® Ignite™ to overcome today’s data challenges. 

He demonstrated how companies have been using Ignite to add in-memory speed and unlimited horizontal scale to SQL with no rip-and-replace of the underlying database.

The webinar, recorded Nov. 28, was titled: "How to Add Speed and Scale to SQL, Support New Data Needs, and Keep Your RDBMS." It is available for free playback here.

(This presentation is also available as a meetup talk. If you're a meetup organizer and would like to discuss having either Val or our technology evangelist Akmal B. Chaudhri deliver this talk at one of your upcoming events, please let me know in the comments below.)

Here's a little background to frame this presentation: Over the last decade, the 10x growth of transaction volumes, 50x growth in data volumes, and drive for real-time response and analytics has pushed relational databases beyond their limits. Scaling an existing RDBMS vertically with hardware is expensive and limited. Moving to NoSQL requires new skills and major changes to applications. Ripping out the existing RDBMS and replacing it with another RDBMS with a lower TCO is still risky. 

This session will explain how to:

  • Configure Apache Ignite to sit in-between existing SQL (and NoSQL) databases and applications, auto-load SQL schema and data, and automatically keep Apache Ignite and the database in synch
  • Optimize SQL for optimal speed and linear horizontal scalability 
  • Use Apache Ignite as a common data access layer across existing applications to support new real-time analytics, APIs, hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP), streaming analytics or machine and deep learning without impacting the performance of the existing applications or databases