GridGain Meetups

Check out GridGain's meetups worldwide below, both upcoming and past events.

Join us April 23 at 1740 Broadway in Manhattan for the next NYC In-Memory Computing Meetup! Topics NoSQL databases and ingesting streaming data! Sponsored by GridGain Systems.
Join us April 30 in Menlo Park for the next Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup! Great food, drinks, raffle prizes -- and three stellar talks! RSVP here for this free event. Talks will include: "Ingesting Streaming Data for Analysis in Apache® Ignite™" and "Apache® Ignite™ Troubleshooting."
Join us May 2 for a hands-on workshop! Roll up your sleeves and bring your laptops. You'll leave this event knowing how to build a production-ready in-memory-based application (featuring Apache Ignite). Pizza, beer, soft drinks will be served. This is a free event thanks to sponsorship from GridGain Systems.
We are excited to announce the May 23 launch the Tokyo In-Memory Computing Meetup! The event will feature four talks and run from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Yahoo! JAPAN's co-working space "LODGE" in Tokyo. (Location details below).