In-Memory Computing for Software and SaaS Companies

Incorporating the GridGain® in-memory computing platform into a software or software-as-a-service (SaaS) product can result in dramatic improvements in application speed and scalability. Leading software and SaaS companies leverage GridGain to add in-memory computing to their products. Users demand great performance under all conditions. Many software and SaaS solutions struggle to maintain performance as the amount of data they process grows exponentially. Ensuring a great end user experience for software and SaaS companies increasingly depends upon adding in-memory computing capabilities to their products.

The GridGain in-memory computing platform offers in-memory speed and massive scalability for transactional, analytical and hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) applications across any data store. GridGain is mature, proven technology that delivers predictable latency, flexible scaling, configurable data consistency and reliable uptime. The GridGain in-memory computing platform can run on commodity hardware, virtual machines or cloud providers. Built on Apache® Ignite, GridGain is an affordable addition for many enterprise-grade software solutions and web-scale SaaS offerings.

Software and SaaS Customers

FSB Technology (UK) Ltd. provides a real-time sports betting platform as a fully-managed service that supports over 500 casino and live dealer games, and transacts more than £2 million in bets daily, while processing over 700 bets per second. Watch the FSB keynote presentation from the In-Memory Computing Summit Europe.

The Glue is a fintech startup that is creating a platform for financial institutions to quickly develop innovative financial services. Watch the breakout session by The Glue from the In-Memory Computing Summit Europe to learn more.

MercuryGate International delivers collaborative, global Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for shippers, carriers, brokers, freight forwarders and third party logistics providers. Read the MercuryGate case study to learn how they utilize GridGain in-memory computing technology.

Software and SaaS Use Cases for GridGain Technology

High Speed Transactions

Fast Search Across Large Product Catalogs

Enhanced End User Experience


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Software and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) developers face a rapidly escalating set of challenges as they strive to make applications faster and more scalable. Software developers must meet the performance and scalability requirements dictated by unprecedented numbers of internal and external users. The challenges faced by SaaS developers are even more dramatic as they create high-performance, hyper-scale services that provide quick response times even under a growing volume of users and data. Software and SaaS are being revolutionized by in-memory computing.

Join Nikita Ivanov, CTO of GridGain Systems and member of the Project Committee for Apache Ignite, to learn how to boost performance 1,000x and scale to over 1 billion transactions per second with in-memory storage of hundreds of TBs of data for your SQL-based applications.

Nikita will show how Apache Ignite handles auto-loading of SQL schema and data, SQL indexes, compound indexes support, and various forms of SQL queries including distributed SQL joins, joins across caches, predicate-based queries, queries over sliding windows for streaming data, and more.