GridGain In-Memory Computing for eCommerce

Improving eCommerce Performance with In-Memory Computing

In-Memory Computing for eCommerce Companies

Incorporating the GridGain in-memory computing platform into an eCommerce product can result in dramatic improvements in speed and scalability. Leading eCommerce companies leverage GridGain to add in-memory computing to their online retail stores. Users demand responsive performance under all conditions. The infrastructure that drives many eCommerce web sites and mobile apps struggles to maintain performance as the amount of data processed grows exponentially. Ensuring a responsive end user experience for eCommerce companies increasingly depends upon adding in-memory computing capabilities to this infrastructure.

GridGain offers unprecedented speed and scale for a variety of transactional, analytical and hybrid transactional/analytical (HTAP) eCommerce applications running on top of any data store. GridGain is mature, proven technology that delivers flexible scaling, predictable latency, configurable data consistency and reliable uptime. The GridGain in-memory computing platform can run on commodity hardware, virtual machines or cloud providers. Built on Apache™ Ignite™, GridGain is an affordable addition for many eCommerce platforms.

GridGain Provides Unprecedented Performance and Scalability in These eCommerce Use Cases:

GridGain Case Studies

Experticity Chooses GridGain Solution for Real-Time Customer Analytics

Salt Lake City-based Experticity focuses on connecting over 650 lifestyle and consumer brands with key brand advocates to help them improve sales in their retail channels. Brands utilize the network to identify advocates who are having the conversations that matter in their sales channel and engage them through digital certification and product seeding campaigns. Experticity has seeded over 4.5 million products and delivered over 49 million digital educational certifications. Read more about our solutions for the eCommerce industry in our case study about Experticity Chooses GridGain Solution for Real-Time Customer Analytics

Some of GridGain’s eCommerce Customers:

  • Apple
  • NewEgg
  • Canon
  • SONY
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Avis
  • InterContinetal Hotels Group
  • Experticity
  • Cartera Commerce
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