Press Releases from GridGain Systems

“Expert On-Call is ideal for developers who are just getting started and experienced developers who have occasional questions,” said Nikita Ivanov, founder and CTO of GridGain. “Our goal is to share our top engineers’ expertise to help organizations bring their digital transformation projects to market quickly and efficiently. Apache Ignite has become the preferred platform for enabling both legacy and greenfield applications to be fast and scalable. Expert On-Call  will help remove barriers to application development and streamline the journey from proof-of-concept to production.”
“Companies that best weathered the pandemic did so by accelerating their digital transformation plans, creating increasing demand for GridGain’s market-leading in-memory computing software platform,” said Abe Kleinfeld, president and CEO of GridGain. “We’re seeing growing momentum across most sectors, particularly in financial services, software, retail, and logistics and transportation, where the need for faster processing speed and massive scale is nearly insatiable.”
“This was a true community event, gathering Ignite experts and community members from across the globe, from Sydney, Beijing and Seoul to Berlin, Paris, London, Brazil, New York and San Francisco,” said Denis Magda, member of the Apache Ignite Project Management Committee (PMC) and GridGain VP of Developer Relations. “The enthusiasm was tremendous, and the feedback has been extremely positive. I want to thank everyone who helped make this conference a success, including the attendees, the presenters and those who worked hard to organize this global event.”
“As the migration of infrastructure to the cloud accelerates, we are seeing more customers deploy Apache Ignite and the GridGain platform across their cloud environments, increasingly taking advantage of GridGain Control Center and the GridGain Nebula managed service,” said Greg Stachnick, Director of Cloud Product Management, GridGain Systems. “As a result, we continue to invest in new GridGain offerings, such as Control Center SaaS, to better enable customers to achieve the speed and scale required by their most demanding applications.”
“The adoption of Apache Ignite continues to soar, which means we have an ever-growing number of powerful use cases across diverse industries,” said Denis Magda, Apache Ignite PMC and GridGain VP of Developer Relations. “Bioinformatics companies are using Ignite to discover new drugs and treatments, including for COVID-19. Financial services companies and banks perform risk analyses and make portfolio management decisions in real-time. Cloud vendors use Ignite to make their services more secure and elastic at global scale...”
“I have watched Apache Ignite mature from a few hundred users six years ago to a top Apache Software Foundation project and a popular distributed database with in-memory computation technology used by companies of all sizes, including industry leaders around the world,” said Dmitriy Setrakyan, Senior Software Development Manager at AWS, Apache Ignite PMC, GridGain Co-founder and a featured keynote speaker at the Summit. “Now it’s time for Ignite developers and users to meet at the first Ignite Summit, where attendees will have a rare opportunity to learn from leading innovators and practitioners about the power of this technology to shape the future.”
“We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with GridGain to build native support for Intel Optane persistent memory and SIMD instructions AVX-512 into the GridGain platform,” said Alper Ilkbahar, Vice President, Data Platforms Group and General Manager, Intel Optane Group. “This is definitely a situation where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The extraordinary performance gained by Intel Optane persistent memory 200 series and AVX-512 instructions in combination with the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform will help transform data processing in the industry.”
“In-Memory Data Grids such as Apache Ignite have become an essential infrastructure technology for powering modern applications that meet the performance and scalability demands of today’s businesses,” said Shahir Daya, IBM CTO and Distinguished Engineer and a featured speaker at the Summit. “The Ignite Summit is bringing together some of the world’s most experienced Ignite developers and users to share their knowledge and experiences, and I’m incredibly pleased to be participating. I hope that everyone looking to modernize their core applications will attend.”
“The pace of adoption of GridGain and Apache Ignite continues to soar, increasing the demand for expertise required to deploy these solutions,” said Lalit Ahuja, Vice President of Solutions and Services at GridGain. “GridGain Training sessions are conducted by GridGain engineers and solution architects with deep technical expertise and real-world experience solving customer problems. During the sessions, attendees will use the actual products, and learn how to unlock the full potential of the Ignite platform...”
“Demand for an Apache Ignite-focused summit is at an all-time high,” said Denis Magda,  GridGain VP of Developer Relations and a member of the Apache Ignite Project Management Committee (PMC). “Ignite is a top-5 Apache Software Foundation project with thousands of deployments worldwide and has become the go-to platform that the world’s best developers choose to build their most critical services and applications. The summit is the perfect opportunity for the Ignite professionals around the world to gather and provide input on the future of the Ignite project, as well as learn from top experts how to hone their skills and refine their strategies to ensure they can take optimal advantage of the power of Apache Ignite.”
“The extraordinary events of 2020 accelerated digital transformation projects in most companies, especially those in e-commerce and retail, financial services, fintech, healthcare, telecommunications and transportation,” said Abe Kleinfeld, president and CEO of GridGain. “I’m proud of our team’s continued drive to innovate our in-memory computing solutions, respond to the growing needs of our customers, and lead the industry in building a high performance, massively scalable platform that enables digital transformation projects. I’m optimistic about continuing our momentum in 2021 and expect demand for in-memory computing solutions to continue to spread across the economy.”
“As our customers expand their use of GridGain, they increasingly require the flexibility to scale workloads beyond available memory capacity,” said Abe Kleinfeld, president and CEO of GridGain. “As a result, we are continuing to evolve our data persistence technology to simplify GridGain cluster management, reduce disk requirements and improve performance, while lowering TCO and accelerating time to value. The combination of more effective disk utilization and higher memory quotas for SQL allows GridGain to support significantly larger and more complex real-time analytics use cases.”
“We have seen soaring interest in our events over the last few months as more companies of every size look to push their digital transformations forward,” said Terry Erisman, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at GridGain Systems. “Our team of experts is always excited to share their wealth of information about how in-memory computing can support highly performant, massively scalable applications and enable vital new infrastructure strategies, such as digital integration hubs and HTAP.”
“A DIH powered by an in-memory computing platform is now the most popular approach to enabling real-time business processes that require 360-degree access to data from multiple, disparate data sources,” said Terry Erisman, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at GridGain Systems. “Resources available for free on the GridGain website offer a training manual for developers to understand DIH use cases, architectures, and implementation strategies, including how to include mainframe data in a DIH and how to ensure the data in the DIH remains in sync with the source datastores.”
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