GridGain Ecosystem Around Real-Time Big Data Processing Expands


GridGain Ecosystem Around Real-Time Big Data Processing Expands

GridGain Systems, makers of widely adopted open source software used to build smarter and faster data processing systems within finance, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, government and other markets, has expanded its ecosystem this week to natively support customers and services written for Microsoft Windows-based data centers and Microsoft’s Azure cloud hosting platform. GridGain Systems’ Java based open source middleware platform allows companies to perform real time processing and analytics on live big data.

GridGain, an innovative technology company founded in 2005 and funded by RTP Ventures, has quickly built a strong following in the Java and Scala developer communities, and already offers Java and Android language clients. The company’s latest release enables .NET developers to further integrate GridGain technology directly into their .NET applications and Windows based services. In coming months, support for iOS (Objective-C), Ruby, PHP, Python, and Node.js will be available as well, further expanding GridGain’s reach deep into web and mobile app development.

Recently named one of this year’s 20 Coolest Cloud Platform and Development Vendors among a field including RedHat, Cloudera and GigaSpaces, GridGain provides a uniquely robust and integrated compute and in-memory data grid

technology. GridGain helps its customers easily utilize any amount of processing power, from one to thousands of servers hosted on virtually any private or public cloud platform such as Rackspace OpenStack, Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.

GridGain is open source and available in a free Community Edition (GPLv3), an OEM Edition, and a commercial Enterprise Edition which includes tools for management and monitoring, simplified cloud deployment, and an advanced security infrastructure, in addition to maintenance, certification, training, support, indemnification and escrow services.

About GridGain ™
GridGain’s complete In-Memory Computing platform enables organizations to conquer challenges that traditional technology can’t even fathom. While most organizations now ingest infinitely more data than they can possibly make sense of, GridGain’s customers leverage a new level of realtime computing power that allows them to easily innovate ahead of the accelerating pace of business. Built from the ground up, GridGain’s product line delivers all the high performance benefits of In-Memory Computing in a simple, intuitive package. From high performance computing, streaming and database to Hadoop acceleration, GridGain provides a complete end-to-end stack for low-latency, high performance computing for each and every category of payloads and data processing requirements. Fortune 500 companies, top government agencies and innovative mobile and web companies use GridGain to achieve unprecedented performance and business insight. GridGain is headquartered in Foster City, California. Learn more at

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