Tableau Support by the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform

Use Tableau to Query and Analyze Data Stored in GridGain via ODBC/JDBC

Tableau Support via the GridGain ODBC/JDBC API

GridGain Systems is a certified Tableau partner, providing a simple connection protocol for users who wish to use Tableau to analyze data stored in the GridGain® in-memory computing platform and require Tableau support.

The GridGain in-memory computing platform, built on Apache® Ignite, includes an ODBC/JDBC API. The API makes it possible to connect Tableau to GridGain and analyze the data stored in a distributed GridGain cluster. The GridGain In-Memory SQL Grid supports ANSI SQL-99 through an ODBC or JDBC interface which allows business intelligence, analytics, and any other application that use SQL to connect to GridGain.

The Tableau Data
Visualization Tool

Tableau is an interactive business intelligence tool that helps users analyze, visualize and share information. It uses an ODBC driver to connect to a variety of databases and data platforms.

Performance can be a critical requirement for business intelligence tools when they are required to query, analyze, and manipulate big data. Employees are more productive when they can focus on the analysis and not on a spinning hourglass. Real-time analysis of big data using tools such as Tableau bring performance to the forefront. In this case, faster queries mean greater productivity.

Tableau Integration

Consistent performance can be difficult to establish and maintain while infrastructures are struggling to cope with growing volumes of data . In-memory computing solves the performance problem by allowing companies to store data in memory instead of on disk. Caching and parallel processing data in-memory can improve performance by 1,000x or more versus disk-based data architectures.

Detailed information about connecting Tableau to GridGain and Apache Ignite is available in the Apache Ignite documentation.