GridGain Integration with Apache Cassandra

Ad Hoc SQL Queries, ACID Transactions, and In-Memory Computing Speeds

Apache Cassandra can be a high performance solution for structured queries. However, the data must be modeled such that each pre-defined query results in one row retrieval. This pre-planning requires knowledge of the required queries before modeling the data. Cassandra is also limited by:

  • Lack of an in-memory computing option
  • No support for transactions, ACID or otherwise
  • No SQL support for nor support for joins, aggregations, groupings or usable indexes
  • No ability to do ad hoc queries

When Apache Cassandra is used with the GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric, though, Cassandra can:

  • Use ANSI-99 compliant SQL to run ad hoc and structured queries
  • Increase query speeds by 1,000x by leveraging in-memory computing

For more in-depth information on GridGain’s integration with Apache Cassandra, please view this webinar and download this white paper.