Apache Cassandra with ACID Transactions Using GridGain

Full Read/Write Support for Cassandra

Apache Cassandra can be a high performance solution for structured queries in which data is modeled so each pre-defined query results in one row retrieval. Cassandra is limited by a lack of SQL support and no ability to run ad hoc queries. In addition, Apache Cassandra is limited by:

  • Not offering an in-memory computing option
  • Not supporting transactions, ACID or otherwise

However, when Apache Cassandra is used with the GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric, Cassandra users can:

  • See a 1,000x query speed improvement from in-memory computing
  • Use ACID compliant transactions to read and write data to their Cassandra database
Read the white paper, Super Power Apache® Cassandra™ for Extreme OLTP Workloads with GridGain, to learn more.