What’s new in Apache Ignite 2.10


The latest Apache Ignite release includes many new features, such as expanded thin client support, improved cluster monitoring, and enhanced cluster self-tuning. Join Vladimir as he discusses and demonstrates the key improvements that Apache Ignite 2.10 offers:

  • Thin clients now support additional features that were previously available only on thick clients. These features handle actions such as service invocations, continuous queries, SQL API, Cluster API, Cache Async API, and Kubernetes Discovery.  
  • Enhanced SQL views and command-line scripts provided by the Ignite self-monitoring and cluster health-check subsystems
  • A new cluster profiling tool for problem detection and cluster self-tuning. The tool collects and processes cluster information about processes such as queries, compute tasks, cache operations, and checkpoint and WAL statistics.
  • New Cache Key Rotation procedure available in the Transparent Data Encryption feature. With this addition, Ignite supports all the requirements of the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS).
Vladimir Pligin
Vladimir Pligin
Software Engineer at GridGain