Using Distributed Tracing to Resolve Performance Issues in Apache Ignite

Debugging distributed-system applications can be more complex than debugging traditional monolithic applications. As API calls jump across nodes in the cluster, it can be tricky to follow the execution just by analyzing application logs. Tracing adds a useful tool to the root-cause-analysis toolbox. Tracing makes it easier to follow the execution path, analyze timings, and align API calls with logs and stack traces. Apache Ignite 2.9 introduces new tracing instrumentation that is based on the OpenCensus/OpenTelemetry standard. With this instrumentation, you can more quickly and confidently analyze API performance and identify bottlenecks in your application logic as the application executes across the cluster.

In this demo-driven session, you will learn how to enable tracing in your Ignite application, how to collect and analyze span data, and how to debug the various parts of the application lifecycle.

Greg Stachnick
Greg Stachnick
Director of Product Management