Security Guide for Apache Ignite and GridGain with Configuration Examples

Apache Ignite® and GridGain® allow you to perform fast calculations and run highly efficient queries over distributed data. Both Ignite and GridGain provide a flexible configuration that can help you make cluster operations more secure. In this webinar, we will cover the following security topics:

  • The secure connection between nodes (SSL/TLS)
  • User authentication
  • User authorization

Using live examples, we will go through the configurations for:

  • SSL/TLS to create a secure connection among all nodes, thin clients, and REST
  • Ignite advance security module
  • GridGain security plugin

By the end of this webinar, developers and devops professionals will understand the basics of Apache Ignite and GridGain security.

Andrey Alexandrov
Andrey Alexandrov
Senior Software Engineer at GridGain