Scalable Full Text Search with Apache Ignite

Scalable Full Text Search with Apache Ignite


Many modern applications provide full text search as a core feature of the overall product.
There are good open source and commercial options available already, but what if all your data is in Apache Ignite? Do you really need to pull in another system to solve this problem?

The short answer is no. Ignite has built in support for fulltext indexing of content. If you use the SQL APIs there is an off the shelf option which just works and suits many use cases. If you use the key value APIs this is less true.

At Hypi we make heavy use of the key value APIs and we needed even more than what the SQL APIs had to offer.

In this webinar, we'll have a look at how Ignite enables you to build full text search and how Hypi's implemented (in 1 class),  full text search support with boolean logic, phrase, keyword matches and more. The end solution  delivers same features available in popular open source search technologies with Ignite's scalability and very little storage overhead.

Courtney Robinson
CTO of Hypi