Powering Financial Fraud Prevention with In-Memory Computing


Fraud is a growing multi-billion dollar business. Detecting fraud requires complex data processing, modeling and analysis performed in real-time. Financial services institutions are committed to protecting their customers from fraud, protecting themselves from losses due to financial crime and complying with a myriad of local and global regulations. To accomplish their fraud prevention goals, financial services companies need flexible, scalable, reliable and extremely fast solutions that provide controls to detect and stop fraud.

This webinar will examine:

  • Current sources of fraud
  • Mitigation techniques
  • Algorithms and technology for fraud prevention and deterrence

You will also learn how Apache® Ignite™ and the GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric can transform real-time big data into useful information that can be analyzed instantly to detect and prevent financial fraud. Multiple case studies and examples will illustrate the concepts and how some of the world’s largest global financial institutions utilize GridGain technology.

Eric Karpman
Consultant, GridGain