Moving Apache® Ignite™ into Production: An Initial Checklist


Guaranteeing that your in-memory computing solution stays up and running is the most important goal for a rolling out a new production environment. In this webinar, we will review a going-into-production checklist to make sure you have all the bases covered and have thought through all your requirements, needs and potential roadblocks.

Join Apache® Ignite™ PMC Chair Denis Magda as he shares a checklist to consider for your Apache Ignite production deployments. This checklist includes:

  • Designing for high-availability and fault-tolerance using backups and disaster prevention
  • Sizing for and managing loads by optimizing for better performance and scalability
  • Managing upgrades and patch releases over time
  • Getting support for production issues as they occur
  • Considering next steps such as monitoring, management, security, and disaster recovery

About The Moving Apache Ignite into Production Series

This webinar is the first in a series that will guide you through the best development, monitoring, and troubleshooting practices for deploying Apache Ignite across different topologies and use cases. Other topics include:

Denis Magda
Denis Magda
VP, Developer Relations in R&D at GridGain; Apache Ignite committer and PMC member