Moving Apache Ignite into Production: Best Practices for Distributed Transactions

The Apache Ignite transactional engine can execute distributed ACID transactions which span multiple nodes, data partitions, and caches/tables. This key-value API differs slightly from traditional SQL-based transactions but its reliability and flexibility lets you achieve an optimal balance between consistency and performance at scale by following several guidelines.

Our presenter, Ivan Rakov, is an Apache Ignite Committer and GridGain Lead Architect who is involved in the development of the Ignite transactional feature. He will provide his insights on how to use Ignite transactions and prepare transactional workloads for production depending on specific use cases. You will learn the following:

  • How to select concurrency and isolation modes for your application requirements
  • How to avoid deadlock-free transactions or troubleshoot/recover from deadlocks if they occur
  • How to ensure that transactions do not freeze the cluster: timeout and other essential configuration properties

By the end of this webinar, you will understand how to use Ignite distributed transactions for optimal performance.

Ivan Rakov, GridGain
Ivan Rakov
Apache Ignite Committer and Team Lead at GridGain R&D