Modernize Insurance Applications with In-Memory Computing

Modernize Insurance Applications with In-Memory Computing


The Insurance industry is undergoing significant changes.  In addition to economic and political uncertainty, insurers face investment income pressure from low interest rates. Coupled with this are the challenges of social and regulatory changes based on new customer expectations and government and employer policies. Big data and real-time analytics, high performance secure digital transactions, customer-oriented and customized portals, outsourced and cloud technology, telematics and cybersecurity are all examples of how insurers can meet these expectations and offer better and more flexible products to their customers. Technology innovation within the industry is critical for continued growth. 

During the webinar, we will discuss current challenges of the industry and how an in-memory computing platform such as Apache Ignite and GridGain can help solve most of them. We’ll share how building a centralized compute and data grid to process transactions and analyze data in a reliable, high-performing, scalable and secure way can support insurance innovation. Topics covered include:

  • How to turn big data into useful and actionable analytics  
  • Ways to process real-time requests from multiple digital channels
  • Using blockchain, IoT, smart devices, telematics and usage-based insurance
  • Replacing legacy systems with modern centralized technology infrastructure
  • Case studies that show how insurance and financial customers benefit from in-memory computing

At the end of the webinar, you will have a better understanding about how insurance companies can use GridGain’s in-memory data grid computing platform to help modernize products and services.

Eric Karpman
Consultant, GridGain
Matt Sarrel
Director of Technical Marketing at GridGain Systems
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