Best Practices for Loading Real-time Data into Distributed Systems Using Change Data Capture

Change Data Capture (CDC) has become a very efficient way to automate and simplify the ETL process for data synchronization between disjointed databases. It is also a useful tool for efficient replication schemas. We will cover the fundamental principles and restrictions of CDC and review examples of how change data capture is implemented in real life use cases. By the end of this session you will understand:

  • Change data capture design principles, architectures, and algorithms
  • Best practices for using CDC to integrate with horizontally scalable systems
  • How to perform CDC from and to Apache Ignite® and GridGain®

This webinar is for developers and architects interested in learning how to use the Apache Ignite in-memory computing platform to achieve incremental batch or real-time updates of large data sets.

Alexey Goncharuk
Alexey Goncharuk
Head Architect