Learn How Our Managed Services Offering Deploys GridGain and Apache Ignite in the Cloud


GridGain Nebula, a managed services offering (MSO) for Apache Ignite and GridGain, can offload the management of your in-memory computing environment to provide maximum reliability at a fraction of the cost of staffing an internal team. This allows your organization to focus on developing applications built on GridGain or Ignite without requiring an internal IT team to manage your in-memory computing environment. The GridGain Nebula team implements our best practices processes and tooling, developed through years of experience, to deliver maximum availability for your in-memory computing-based applications.

Join the webinar to learn more about the key capabilities including:

  • Deploy anywhere, including private and public cloud environments
  • 24x7 active monitoring
  • Highly secure
  • Deep instrumentation
  • Multi-data center support
  • Backup and recovery support

In addition, we will walk through the four-step onboarding process and the various Nebula service contract options that are available.

Alexander Gerus
Director of Product Management