In-Memory Computing Technologies: Now and Tomorrow

In this webinar hosted by GridGain Systems and 451 Research, you’ll hear about the compelling drivers for in-memory computing technologies: especially in-memory databases, data grids, and platforms.

451 Research’s data platforms analyst Jason Stamper will explain how in-memory computing helps to overcome many of the challenges faced by the modern enterprise when it comes to data processing and analytics. He will also gaze into his crystal ball to predict how these technologies will evolve in coming years.

Nikita Ivanov, Co-Founder and CTO of GridGain Systems, which offers the industry’s leading in-memory computing platform, will then provide a deeper dive into what is possible with the latest in-memory computing technology. Nikita will address the questions clients are asking about such as the implications of the maturation of non-volatile memory, how to address the challenges of machine learning, and the need for petabytes of RAM.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll have a better understanding how the GridGain is addressing the needs of in-memory computing now and in the near future.

Presented by
Nikita Ivanov
Nikita Ivanov
Founder & CTO, GridGain Systems

Nikita Ivanov is founder and CTO of GridGain Systems, started in 2007 and funded by RTP Ventures and Almaz Capital. Nikita provides the vision and leadership at GridGain to develop the world’s top in-memory computing platform, now used by thousands of organizations around the globe to power business-critical systems and enable digital transformation initiatives.

Nikita has over 20 years of experience in software application development, building HPC and middleware platforms, and contributing to the efforts of other startups and notable companies including Adaptec, Visa and BEA Systems. Nikita was one of the pioneers in using Java technology for server side middleware development while working for one of Europe’s largest system integrators in 1996.

He is an active member of Java middleware community, contributor to the Java specification, and holds a Master’s degree in Electro Mechanics from the Baltic State Technical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Jason Stamper
Data Platforms & Analytics Analyst, 451 Research

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