In-Memory Computing Essentials for Software Engineers

In-Memory Computing Essentials for Software Engineers


Attendees will be introduced to the fundamental capabilities of in-memory computing platforms (IMCPs) in this Apache Ignite tutorial. IMCPs boost application performance and solve scalability problems by storing and processing unlimited data sets distributed across a cluster of interconnected machines.

This Apache Ignite tutorial is for software engineers and architects seeking practical experience with in-memory computing technologies. We will do a technical deep-dive into the Apache Ignite in-memory computing platform. You'll be given an overview (including code samples in Java) of in-memory concepts such as caches, databases, and data grids.

During this session, some of the topics we will focus on including the following essentials of distributed in-memory systems:

  • Data partitioning: utilizing all memory and CPU resources of the cluster
  • Affinity co-location: avoiding data shuffling over the network and using highly-performant, distributed SQL queries
  • Co-located processing: eliminating network impact on the performance of applications

At the end of this session, you should have a working knowledge of the Apache Ignite in-memory computing platform and how it can help overcome application performance and scalability challenges.

Denis Magda
VP, Developer Relations in R&D at GridGain; Apache Ignite committer and PMC member
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