In-Memory Computing: Accelerating the Data Behind Digital Business and the Customer Experience

The need to engage more intelligently in real-time during each transaction or interaction, whether it's to add personalization and recommend products or to help improve the overall customer experience across multiple channels, is driving the need for new infrastructure with much lower latency and much higher scalability. The solution that many companies have adopted is to move all the transactional and analytic data, and to collocate computing together in memory using In-Memory Computing technologies.

Join Matt Aslett, Research Director of Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research, for a special 1-hour webinar. You will Learn more about the role of In-Memory Computing in supporting the real-time transactional, analytical and engagement needs for digital business and improving the customer experience.

Presented by
Matt Aslett
Research Director at 451 Research
Rob Meyer is VP of Outbound Product Management
Rob Meyer
VP of Outbound Product Management
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