Implementing In-Memory Computing for Financial Services Use Cases with Apache® Ignite™


Apache® Ignite™ is the leading open source in-memory computing platform. Apache Ignite is deployed between the application and data layers and works with all common RDBMS, NoSQL and Hadoop® database to provide speed, scalability and high availability.

In this presentation, GridGain Product Manager and Apache Ignite PMC Chair Denis Magda will explain featured of the Apache Ignite distributed computing platform which are important for financial use cases, including:

  • ACID transaction guarantees
  • Distributed ANSI-99 SQL support
  • Replication
  • Security
  • Fault tolerance
  • Persistence

Denis will also discuss on of the largest data grid deployments in the world which is at one of the largest banks in Eastern Europe. He will describe a generalized architecture for their use case and demonstrate various implementation and deployment challenges which are addressed by Apache Ignite.

If you plan to implement a highly available and performant distributed in-memory computing architecture, then this presentation will tell you what you need to know to get started.

Denis Magda
Former VP, Developer Relations in R&D at GridGain; Apache Ignite committer and PMC member