How to Make a Backup in a Distributed System, Unnoticed


Regardless of how mature a data storage technology is, backing up data is a laborious and difficult task that can cost us time, increase our stress levels and jeopardize our jobs.

The GridGain platform is built on top of the open-source Apache Ignite distributed database and caching platform, which inherently lacks the ability to back up and recover data to and from external storage. To date typical GridGain deployments are in the hundreds of terabytes and at thousand’s of nodes. In such deployments data is not only stored, but consistently updated with the provision of transnational guarantees.

The ability to create backups, or snapshots as they are called in GridGain, on such a scale was a stumbling block for the practical use of the GridGain platform by Enterprise customers.

During this webinar, you will learn:
- How to perform data snapshot without impacting ongoing user activities
- How to perform a snapshot whilst keeping data consistent and transactionally complete across the cluster
- How to perform the procedures for creating snapshots and restoring from them during cluster topology changes
- How to create snapshots that are optimal and use less space

Ivan Rakov
Apache Ignite Committer and Team Lead at GridGain R&D