Getting Started with Apache Ignite as a Digital Integration Hub

Apache Ignite and GridGain can be used as a simple cache, an in-memory data grid (IMDG), and as an in-memory database (IMDB). These data management patterns can be combined with Ignite integration facilities to function as a Digital Integration Hub (DIH) for real-time data access across data sources and applications. Common uses for the DIH architecture include:

  • API call management and reduction
  • Enabling real-time analytics spanning operational and historical data
  • Creating common data access layers which allow many business applications to access data from many disparate databases

Join this webinar to get started with an Ignite DIH. The webinar demo will cover how to:

  • Organize an Ignite DIH Java Maven project
  • Customize your project for easy modification
  • Build and run the Cluster
  • Build and run the Bulk Load Clients
  • Build and run real-time transaction feeds
  • Set up monitoring

The session will be useful for architects and developers who are just starting to work with Apache Ignite and in-memory systems. In addition, this session will guide existing users to extend their initial Ignite and GridGain solutions to the next level of performance and capability in a patterned, organized approach.

Glenn Wiebe
Glenn Wiebe
GridGain solutions architect