Getting Started with Apache Ignite SQL

Apache Ignite’s ANSI-99 SQL support provides application developers a classical SQL database experience while enabling in-memory speeds at petabyte scale for a variety of workloads. Concise SQL syntax and availability of JDBC and ODBC drivers shields the complexity of Ignite’s distributed architecture from developers and allows them to easily manage and query distributed datasets.

Nevertheless, there are some essentials and design patterns that developers should consider when deploying Apache Ignite. Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Configure and connect the application stack, including DML, DDL, drivers, clients, and libraries
  • Eliminate data shuffling over the network by query execution optimization, affinity co-location and distributed joins
  • Avoid memory related instability and bottlenecks by managing memory and disk tier usage, java heap vs. off-heap, memory quotas, special handling of large result sets and aggregations

This webinar will include several use cases, code samples and a discussion of new capabilities to be enabled by an Apache Calcite-based engine.

Denis Magda
Denis Magda
VP, Developer Relations in R&D at GridGain; Apache Ignite committer and PMC member

Denis Magda is an open-source software enthusiast who began his journey by working first with the technology evangelism group of Sun Microsystems and then with the Java engineering team of Oracle. During his years at Sun and Oracle, Denis became a seasoned Java professional, deepening and expanding his knowledge of the technology by contributing to the Java Development Kit, architecting Java solutions, and building local Java communities. Denis now continues his journey by supporting the Apache Software Foundation and working with GridGain Systems. For the foundation, he contributes to Apache Ignite as an Apache Ignite committer and a member of the Project Management Committee. As the head of the GridGain Developer Relations team, Denis works with software engineers and architects to help them develop their expertise in in-memory computing. You will find Denis at conferences, workshops, and other events sharing his knowledge about Apache Ignite, distributed systems, and open-source communities.  


Igor Seliverstov
Igor Seliverstov
Senior Software Engineer, GridGain