Enable Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology with In-Memory Computing


Bitcoin and blockchain technology has driven a lot of discussions around its possible use within the banking and financial services industries. According to analysts, 80% of top banks have launched experimental blockchain projects. While an estimated 15% of these banks will likely launch new blockchain-based services into the mass market in the next 12-24 months, an enormous investment in new technology may be required.

Current legacy systems cannot support secure, instantaneous and well-integrated decentralized cryptosystems. New approaches to building these ecosystems require scalable, distributed and well-protected computing platforms. This webinar will discuss how in-memory computing can be used to meet these needs and successfully leverage blockchain-fueled automation. We will discuss:

  • The opportunities fueled by bitcoin and blockchain technology
  • Typical use cases for bitcoin and blockchain technology within the financial services and banking industry
  • Technical challenges of using bitcoin and blockchain technology
  • How an in-memory computing platform like GridGain can help meet the new challenges raised by bitcoin and blockchain technology

At the end of the webinar, you will have a better understanding of how in-memory computing can help you start addressing the technical challenges of adding bitcoin and blockchain-based services for your organization.

Eric Karpman
Consultant, GridGain