Deploy like a Boss: Using Kubernetes® and Apache® Ignite™


If downtime is not an option for you, and your application needs to be extremely low-latency, Kubernetes® and Apache® Ignite™ are open source frameworks that work exceedingly well together to achieve these goals.

With containerization, Kubernetes enables developers to work seamlessly with new versions of their applications, running them where they want with a flexibly scalable experience. Apache Ignite is the perfect complement to this. As a memory-centric platform, Apache Ignite allows you to access distributed data sets processing them using SQL and key-value operations, execute computations, and much more.

In this webinar, GridGain System’s Solution Architect Dani Traphagen will walk through the basics of a Kubernetes and Apache Ignite deployment, including:

  • Setting up a Apache Ignite cluster
  • Using the Kubernetes IP Finder and the Kubernetes Ignite Lookup Service
  • Sharing the Ignite Cluster Configuration
  • Deploying your Ignite Pods
  • Adjusting the Ignite Cluster Size when you need to scale

At the end of this webinar, you will understand how both technologies work together and provide a better operational experience with your cluster.

Dani Traphagen
GridGain Solutions Architect