Best Practices for Stream Processing with GridGain® and Apache® Ignite™ and Kafka

Learn some of the best practices companies have used for making Apache Ignite and Apache Kafka scale. Making stream processing scale requires making all the components—including messaging, processing, storage—scale together.   During this 1-hour webinar by GridGain Systems Professional Services Consultant Alexey Kukushkin, you will learn about:

  • The integration between Apache Ignite and Kafka and the commercially supported versions, GridGain® and Confluent
  • Examples of how Ignite and Kafka are used together
  • Recommended approaches for deployment, monitoring and management
  • Tips and tricks for performance and scalability tuning
  • Answers to your questions


Presented by
Alexey Kukushkin
Professional Services Consultant
Rob Meyer is VP of Outbound Product Management
Rob Meyer
VP of Outbound Product Management

Rob Meyer is VP of Outbound Product Management

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