Apache® Ignite™: An In-Memory Backbone for Microservices-Based Architectures


Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) are used to build flexible, independently deployable software systems. Microservices decompose services down to small pieces and use lightweight protocols to allow processes to communicate with each other over a network. This architectural approach is becoming increasingly popular, especially in high-availability systems. However, microservices-based solutions can become victims of their own success as greater and greater demands are placed on the systems that use them.

When systems that rely on microservices are used under high load or have to process rapidly growing volumes of data, they usually face the same issues and difficulties as applications that are not microservices-based. Disk-backed databases become a performance bottleneck as they can no longer keep up with growing volumes of data that have to be stored and processed in parallel. This degrades application performance and ultimately causes instability.

This webinar discusses how in-memory computing using Apache® Ignite™ can overcome the performance limitations common to microservices architectures built using traditional database architectures.

Denis Magda
Former VP, Developer Relations in R&D at GridGain; Apache Ignite committer and PMC member