Apache Ignite Workshop: Cluster Memory Management Techniques

Apache Ignite Workshop: Cluster Memory Management Techniques


Apache Ignite can scale horizontally to accommodate the data that your applications and services generate. However, in practice, most of us cannot scale out a cluster instantly.

In this webinar, Denis Magda will introduce several architectural techniques that can help you keep your cluster operational and your applications running even if memory becomes a scarce resource. During the webinar demo you will learn how to use those techniques in practice. Topics covered include:

  • Configuration of Ignite eviction policies to avoid out-of-memory issues
  • Ignite native persistence usage to enable data subset caching and to read disk-only records
  • Usage of pauseless garbage collectors for large Java heaps
  • Configuration of memory quotas for SQL queries to make Java Heap usage predictable

The workshop will be especially useful for developers and architects using or considering Apache Ignite in production environments.


Denis Magda
VP, Developer Relations in R&D at GridGain; Apache Ignite committer and PMC member