Apache Ignite SQL Troubleshooting

Apache Ignite’s ANSI-99 SQL support provides application developers a classical SQL database experience while enabling in-memory speeds at a petabyte scale for a variety of workloads. Concise SQL syntax and availability of JDBC and ODBC drivers shields the complexity of Ignite’s distributed architecture from developers and allows them to easily manage and query distributed datasets.

Nevertheless, you should consider using a few essential tools and techniques to optimize  SQL queries when faced with slow or stuck queries, OutOfMemoryException errors, or incorrect results.

In this webinar, Vladimir begins with an overview of the Apache Ignite distributed SQL engine. Then, Vladimir talks about basic diagnostic techniques, such as using metrics, tracing, and logs. You see examples of how the techniques can be used to identify SQL issues. At the conclusion of the webinar, you receive a checklist, that will help you quickly identify common SQL issues and improve performance.

Vladimir Pligin
Vladimir Pligin
Software Engineer at GridGain